Terms of Service

Please read over all Terms of Service before asking for a quote. By making the first payment of the deposit, you are agreeing to these terms.​

Customers must be over the age of 18 to order from me. For a commission where the wearer is under the age of 18, all contact is to be through a parent or guardian.
Any parts commissioned are worn at the owner’s risk. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to person or property caused by the wearing of the suit.
Allergy warning: fabrics are marked using chalk, so please communicate with us if this is a concern during the commission process. Work is also based in a home with pets - whilst they are kept seperate from the workspace, a completely allergen-free suit is never guaranteed.

Communication between the customer and artist is paramount. If you are unable to be contacted for whatever reason (e.g. travelling), then you need to inform us in writing. If we do not receive a reply from you within 30 days, you will receive a warning. If a further week goes by without contact, it will be assumed that you have cancelled, and all 
work will cease on your commission.
Communication must always be professional and polite. Any undue behaviour (threats, blackmailing, rude comments, etc.) will result in a warning, and potentially lead to the cancellation of your commission without a refund. Anything agreed upon in writing is binding.

We are always open for quotes, and happy to be messaged regarding any quotes or questions. For an accurate quote for a full suit, we require a 2-sided reference sheet that accurately depicts your character. If you are just commissioning me for parts (e.g. hands, tail or feet) then artwork are acceptable. Quotes given are only valid for 30 days – if this deadline is passed, just message for another quote, and we will be happy to oblige.

Customers must understand that a fursuit is a one of a kind, handmade costume. Minor imperfections, flaws and asymmetry may and can occur. The maker reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
Changes to the reference art are acceptable up until the fur is ordered. The customer must understand that this may affect the total amount and the deposit of the suit. Once fur has been ordered, no changes can be made to the reference art. The maker reserves the right to refuse any changes made.

Our style will never be changed to suit a customer's wishes – a maker is commissioned for their style, not their price.  Currently, airbrushing is not offered. We also do not construct suits specifically for sexual purpose (i.e. installing zips). To do so youself is your own choice; however, it will render you warantee null and void, and future services will be refused.

We only accept PayPal payments, and all prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). If you would like your total converted to another currency, please use Google.
A deposit of 40% of the total is required – if the order is over AU$800 – to secure a spot in my commission queue. For orders under AU$800, a deposit of 60% is required. This deposit is non-refundable and is used to purchase fur and supplies.
We do offer payment plans – these must be arranged during the commissioning process. Payment in full is required before work is started on the suit.

The non-refundable deposit is always non-refundable, no exceptions. Once a suit has been completed, no refunds are offered. If the customer requests a refund during the making process, the amount refunded will depend on the work that has been put into the commission. If no work has been started, the customer will receive a full refund, minus the deposit. The maker reserves the right to refuse a refund or to refund in full as we see fit.
We reserve the right to cancel any commission with or without notice. Grounds for a termination of a commission include, but are not limited to: harassment or abuse, continued late payments without reasonable explanation, rude or undue behaviour.
If a cancellation does occur from either party, the maker reserves the right to keep the suit and/or parts, and to finish and sell the suit after alterations to the design as to not resemble your character.

We do not work with any deadlines, no exceptions. It is preferred that you have an excellent quality suit that will last, than a rushed product. Delays to construction may be from my end (e.g. illness; travel; university commitments) or the customer's end (e.g. not sending items on time; late payments).

All shipping is paid by the customer. Quotes do not include shipping cost, and these can be included at the request of the customer. Once the suit leaves our possession, we have no control over it, and are therefore not responsible. We are not responsible for damages or loss caused by the postal services, or extra time/cost due to customs. A signature is required on arrival of the parcel to the customer’s address.

All commissions have a 60 day warranty, which takes affect once the product is in the customer’s possession. If in the first 60 days, the suit becomes damaged due to a fault of ours (e.g. seams coming undone, glue not holding) then we will gladly fix it free of charge. The customer pays shipping to our workshop, and we will cover the cost of return shipping. If, however, the suit becomes damaged by fault of the customer (rough handling, using for unintended purposes, or general wear and tear), then we will repair it for a charge of $30/hr, and the customer pays for shipping both to and from our workshop. Any alterations made to the suit by someone other than the maker renders the warranty null and void. Minor fixes (such as seam stitching and small re-glues) are not included – please send a picture of the part that needs repairing and we will advise you further.
All suits returned to me for repairs or alterations are to be CLEAN – any dirty fursuit will incur an extra cleaning fee, or it will be sent back at the cost of the customer unfixed. It is incredibly rude and unhygienic to work with a filthy fursuit.

We reserve the right to post photos of the completed fursuit on our social media and website. As the customer and owner of the suit, you also have the right to the photos of your own suit to use at your disposal. Any other parties do not reserve the right to use our pictures or repost without permission.